Where should I go when I want to Travel?

When planning where you are going to be travelling, it all depends on what you’re interested, hot or cold weather? How long do you want to go on your vacation? What am I looking for to do when I am travelling? Most people answer these pretty easily if they are looking for a vacation such as I want to go somewhere hot, relaxing, and for at least a week or two weeks, maybe on a beach, all inclusive resort or somewhere that can experience the culture and local experience.

One place you may be interested in travelling is Seychelles, Spread across 175 square miles of the indian ocean, Seychelles represents a chain of 115 islands. Mahé, is the largest of the islands has debuted the only 5 star all inclusive beachfront hotel. They will later be opening villas.

If you are looking to experience Mexico, why not Cozumel, Mexico, with unique attractions like the world’s first underwater oxygen bar, clear lounge Cozumel. They also offer ocean dives to pristine reefs, and for the evening they offer great stargazing.. Its best to go to Cozumel during January to July (to avoid spring break unless you like that sort of thing…) If go to Mexico during the peak of summer be prepared for hot weather. Another great location in Mexico which is very safe is Puerto Vallarta.

If you are not looking to visit a tropical location, Scotland may be what your soul needs. The 500 loop in North Coast makes a scenic romantic drive. The route  allows travellers to explore the beauty, it can be driven completely in three days so if you are up for a long drive it may be for you. For the traveler that loves to combine nature, culture, food and drink, history and adventure! It is best to visit in the summer, as the sun stays up until 11pm!

Australia is also a perfect place to visit, with beautiful land, and intriguing cultural background and history it offers you the opportunity to delve deep into the outback. With lots to explore in Australia you will never be bored. The landscape offers mountains to ocean, anything you want to experience is there for you to enjoy. The friendly locals will be sure to fill you with memories of your adventure. Not to mention, there are so many beaches. If you are a beach fanatic, you could go see a different one for every day. The best time to visit is in May or September, and there are some amazing tours out there to experience and be guided by a friendly local tour guide.

There is so much to do, and so many places to travel in this vast world. Do some online research and search around for the best deal until you have planned your next perfect vacation.

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